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CSI Creative’ mineral fiber tiles promise a stunning, contemporary look, dependable sound absorption, and excellent durability. Our mineral fiber panels are lightweight and affordable. These are available in varied, fully-customizable configurations. So, whether you’re interested in smooth finish ceiling panels or a particular texture, square or stepped edges, we have it all.

Mineral fiber or acoustic tiles are typically made using a mix of recycled, natural, and processed materials. These may include recycled paper, fiberglass, PVC, perlite, mineral wood, and binding agents.

Mineral fiber offers a more elegant finish than traditional ceiling solutions such as drywall, gypsum, and tin. It has better sound absorption, more flexibility, and longevity. It’s also one of the best, most stylish ways to conceal piping, wiring, ductwork, or other building infrastructure.

Why Should You Choose Mineral Fiber Ceiling Panels?

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles have high light reflectance properties. Standard ceilings absorb a fair amount of light that strikes their surface. This creates the need for more artificial lighting and increases the overall energy consumption.矿物天花板have low light absorption. Most of the light that strikes their surface is reflected back, making the area brighter. This helps improve visibility and mood and reduces energy expenditure.

Acoustic mineral fiber insulation panels are denser than materials such as fiberglass. This grants them exceptional sound absorption capability. Our tiles perform equally as well in both high and low-frequency environments. They reduce echo and reverberation to create a more harmonious environment for work and leisure. This makes them perfect for both standard workspaces and sound-centric environments such as auditoriums and music studios.

Ouracoustic tilesare available in 2 sizes—2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’. You can choose from a number of beautiful finishes— Maple & Fabric, Wood, Metal, and Maple & Metal. Maple & Fabric lends a soft look to spaces that have a neutral design. The wood finish offers both warmth and natural texture. Metal finish is ideal for contemporary themes that require a cool impression. Maple & Metal finish brings an air of effortless sophistication that’s perfect for corporate spaces.

Realize Your Dream Designs with Our Mineral Fiber Ceiling Panels

Our modular ceiling panels give you the creative freedom to personalize the tiles and achieve the exact look you desire. Our mineral fiber tiles can be custom printed with your favorite piece of art, quote, or company logo. This also allows you to match the place’s existing theme and color scheme.

Acoustic ceiling mineral fiber panels can be installed in a manner of hours. You don’t even need any specialized equipment. Regular carpenter’s tools—tape measure, hack saw, drill gun, and screwdriver are all you require. The process of installing our mineral fiber ceiling tiles is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t involve demolition. You don’t have to deal with dust, debris, and lengthy cleanups. This also reduces the overall labor costs.

Our mineral fiber ceiling panels will last years even with minimal care. They possess excellent resistance to water, abrasion, and chemicals. In addition, they don’t stain easily which makes them easier to clean than most other materials.

CSI Creative’ Mineral Fiber Ceiling Panels Are Superior in Every Way

At CSI Creative’ we prioritize the use of recycled raw materials. Our mineral fiber tiles are no exception. Most of the tiles’ constituents are sourced from recovery facilities that recycle the waste/residual products of manufacturing units. This ensures you can enhance your space’s appeal without taxing the environment.

CSI Creative’ ceiling tiles are made from 100 percent safe, environmentally benign materials. Our tiles don’t contain asbestos, don’t cause pollution, and are non-toxic. Our ceiling panels are also fire retardant, with a Class A rating for both flame and smoke spread. This makes them safe for use in virtually every indoor area.

我们所有的设计已经被著名的认证ternational organizations such as Greenguard, The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Our mineral fiber ceiling tiles have the best quality and broad applications. Both the price and design choices are perfect for use in corporate, hospitality, retail, and resort industries of all sizes.