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Embellish the look of your walls and overall space with the interior wall paneling materials of CSI Creative. Wall paneling, be it textured wall panels, faux brick wall panels, wainscoting panels, or aluminum wall panels, is one of the most practical ways for creating a decorative wall. Or for concealing unsightly blemishes, worn-out spots, wires, or equipment.

There are plenty of material options available with CSI Creative. From felt to metal, from plastic to wood, from gypsum to bamboo. The choices are endless. All are visually appealing and effective in canceling out noise if you choose the acoustic wall panel materials. Perfect for spaces such as hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes, shopping malls, movie theaters, meeting rooms, offices, and educational institutions.

Even if you are not able to decide on the right sort of paneling for your space, we can help you narrow down your choices and pick the perfect one. Read on to find out all you need to know about the wall panel materials used in creating our revolutionary wall panels.

Choose From Our Wide Range of Textured Wall Panels and More

CSI Creative are pioneers when it comes to offering a huge selection of materials for wall and ceiling panels. We have MDF,gypsum, aluminum, mineral fiber, reinforced plastic, wood veneer,GFRC, andfelt panels. We also offer artificial greenery as well as laminates for use in creating customized wall panels.

每个材料都具有不同的功能and property. Every material is suited for different requirements of a space. For instance, we offer ceiling-mounted noise reduction panels in felt that are effective for sound dampening and look absolutely stunning. At CSI Creative, we also offer options such as resin panels that are molded from real rock formations. Perfect for stunning displays at shows, amusement parks, and wildlife habitats.

All of our products and materials are absolutely safe to use in all sorts of environments. They are non-toxic as well as display fire-retardant properties.


Our Soundcore® range of materials includes sound dampening wall coverings that offer sharp contrast and depth. Colors options are varied, as are the designs. Expect highly effective noise reduction with our Soundcore® range. Other products in this range include the felt-based3D acoustic wall coveringsthat prevent echoes and offer powerful sound dampening properties. We also have sliding panels or curtains as part of our Soundcore® range. The use of acoustical felt ensures sound dampening and the prevention of echoes.

Our PoshFelt® range of interior wall paneling materials includes materials such as 100% pure and renewable wool felt for creating a hushed and relaxed atmosphere. Add to that sound dampening properties and fade-resistant colors, and you have a winner on your hands. Another product in the range is the 100% wool acoustic felt that offers noise reduction properties. These are perfect for covering large surfaces such as statement walls.

We have these and many more wall paneling materials on offer. Choose from our High Impressions range of ceiling tiles, stone wall tiles, steel wall panels, or our Chisel range of gypsum wall and ceiling panels. Needless to say, all of these will be customized to suit your requirements.

Why Go For Custom Wall Panels from CSI Creative

Although we have a huge repertoire of wall and ceiling paneling materials, it is quite possible we do not have the exact thing you want for your interior decor scheme. If all else fails, and you do not find the right ceiling and wall panel material for your design, rest assured we can customize any of our existing materials and designs to help you achieve your vision.

From the base materials to the finished product, we can tailor every aspect per your requirements. All our materials and finished products are long-lasting and durable. Designed by highly experienced architecture and design experts.

Go ahead and schedule a meeting today. Be it textured wall panels or any interior wall paneling materials, we deliver. Our team will be more than happy to walk you through the entire process.