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Wall panels improve the look of a space and acoustic panels improve the acoustics. But you already know that. Or you wouldn't have landed on this page. We, at CSI Creative, offer you a range of acoustic panels to suit every need and every space.

Choose from our staggering range of wall-mounted acoustic panels,ceiling mounted sliding panels, and free-standing sound-absorbing panels. They’re built to last. The durability of our acoustic wall and ceiling panels means you will enjoy their beauty and functional service for years to come.

Here, expect to find the right ceiling and wall panels for all sorts of environments. We’re the chosen vendor for wall panels, acoustic panels, and 3D panels for offices, residential projects, hotels and resorts, schools and colleges, and healthcare. And that’s not all.

Our Wall Mounted Acoustic Panels Are Better - Why?

With CSI Creative you are not just buying a product. In fact, you are also buying a lifestyle. All our products are designed in-house by design and architecture experts. Years of research have gone into the creation of every modular piece. These panels are especially created to be multifunctional.

Be it a floor-to-ceiling feature installation on one wall or an entire hall, or be itsuspended ceiling panels, CSI Creative is the name you can trust. That’s because we’ve done almost anything a client could ever ask for. From the day we started, we’ve reviewed 1000+ architecture drawings and experimented with 5000+ design ideas. All of this is in the pursuit of the perfect answer to the only question that matters to you: What can CSI Creative do for you?

We serve modern products to the modern customer. All our acoustic wall panels are non-toxic and do not pollute the environment. We also use recycled raw materials in order to create our panels. That’s as renewable as it gets. They are also the perfect blend of functionality and adaptability. Their resistance to water, stains, abrasion, and chemicals ensure they keep you company for a long time to come. They are absolutely safe thanks to having fire-retardant properties. They are perfect for any sort of surface, be it tile, plaster, CMU cinder block, wall coverings, or finished drywall. In fact, they are also adaptive to various dated surfaces.

Our Range of Ceiling and Acoustic Panels

Everything we offer is extremely customizable and can be made to order as per customer specifications. OurFreeform freestanding panelscan be the ultimate in creative ways to divide a space. There are wall-mounted room dividers, hanging room dividers, door separators, folding room dividers, soundproof room dividers, half wall dividers, sliding room dividers, and more.

Our range ofwall-mounted acoustic panelsis just as impressive. Choose fromcustom printed acoustic felt panels, continuous flowing acoustic wall coverings, acoustic blades, ceiling wall panels, gypsum panels, lightweight concrete wall panels, noise reduction panels for cubicles, soundproof tiles, felt curtains, and sound-absorbing wall art panels.

There are several impressive designs to choose from, keeping in mind your theme. Along with myriad colors and a promise of being just as vibrant years later, as the day it was bought.

Not Sure Of What You Need? Talk To Us

Your space is unlike any other. As are your specifications and vision. And our wall and ceiling panels are just as unique. Customized at every step in order to suit your requirements. Our team of passionate experts can create a balance in your interior design, through innovative manufacturing capabilities and unlimited innovation.

We use plenty of production methods such as digital printing, casting, molding, thermoforming, faux painting, and sculpting among others in order to create beautiful, long-lasting products. You can even choose to DIY your own wall-mounted acoustic panels with our modular and easy-assemble products. Or you can let our team carry on with the installation process for giving life to your design.

All you need to do is share your vision with us, and we will make it a reality. Adding visual appeal to space was never this easy. Book a consultation today, and find out exactly what your walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors need! We will strive to offer you a fully customized experience from inception to completion.